Monday, September 28, 2015

Hiatus is Over!

So it's been a year or two.
As it is with all of us, there have been tremendous changes and so much has gone on!
I have many new art pieces to show and countless ideas that are just waiting to burst forth!

WATCH ME DO LIVE ART DEMOS and sharing on PERISCOPE (a fantastic app!) Find me at @DianaDArtist on Periscope, Twitter and Instagram.

Have a blessed and delightful day! Diana

Thursday, July 31, 2014


The new path I am taking.

For quite some time now ,I have been using my creative times to work on several new lines of  unique designs.  
The plan has been to get several lines designed that can be sold wholesale,
and be licensed to exceptional manufacturers.
I have been over-the-moon excited about what is about to be launched!
Right now my biggest area of concern, is how to focus on specific styles of art.  I am gifted in a way that allows me to do a vast array of techniques and styles, yet in being a Licensed Artist, it seems I will have to become more set in a "brand".  I have to find and settle on my own style and what direction I want to go....
or do I? 
Leave a comment: 
What would YOU like to see me paint? What artistic styles and themes would you like to see on dishes, kitchenware, bedding, wrapping paper...??

Ok, stay tuned... I would love to hear your ideas... keep watching!

Three pairs of (not my designs!) character shoes for my Grandsons

Quick veggie sketch in ink, then watercolor added!

Two different eye studies. So fun to do

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Colored Pencil Portraits

Greetings once again!
It seems I have been given an amazing burst of creativity, and have been playing with my colored pencils.
These portraits are some that I have been doing in my sketchbook, and I use Prismacolor Pencils.

Hannah is my beautiful niece who has ever-changing hair color and multiple talents.

 Sarah is my niece as well, and here she is with her fun spider mask. She is a natural beauty with brains and a wonderful spirit!

This is my lovely mom, Dee.  I loved the photo of her, and have wanted to paint it or sketch it for awhile now.  She brings such joy to my life.

Sheilene who stars in Divergent

Theo who also stars in Divergent
I have had a blast doing these and hope that I am able to continue sketching away!  Let me know what you think.... Hugs and prayers, Diana
 Also, Pin the artwork to your Pinterest boards!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Before I knew you, He Loved You

We are rolling out a new program to bless adoptive families. 
Many times, a child comes into their forever family without any baby pictures to call their own.  Benjie and I used to cut photos out of adoption magazines of cute little Asian baby boys, and he would keep the ones that he imagined he may have looked like.
Recently, my friend Tracie Loux asked if I would be able to use my gifting of painting oil portraits to offer Baby Portraits to adoptive families!  I was ALL IN from the get-go!
Right away I got an inquiry and after receiving several photos of their little girl, I prayerfully asked for insight and revelation into what this precious little dancer looked like, and I painted a picture for them.
This is still IN PROGRESS!!
Here is the offer:
For the first 15 people who order their own portrait, by May 15th, I will donate a portion of the profits to a family currently raising funds for their adoption.
Also, you will receive an 8x10 oil portrait, on canvas, for a reduced rate of $85 (plus $12 shipping).
Please contact us at to inquire. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013


What an exciting end to 2012.
Onething 2012 - a conference for 20,000 spiritually hungry people from around the world.

Tim had a booth, in their bookstore,with Art prints, and I was able to make it up there a few tiimes.  We met countless new friends, got to talk about the art and how it touched different people.

We are going to put up photos from the conference RIGHT HERE, in a day or two, so please come back and check it out!  So many fun stories and amazing connections!

Come on back in a day or two! Hugs and prayers, Diana

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Things Ahead!

We have ! This web address will bring browsers to this blog site.

Tim has hired a wonderful photographer ( to digitize and update the pieces that he sells over at the etsy site and now, customers will get a much higher quality print of artwork!  Tim also has Bryant preparing several pieces that have never been offered before, so watch for new artwork.

More of the originals pieces of canvas art are going to be offered as well.

I have set a goal so that hopefully I will get off my duff and blogging WILL pick up. That is certainly something I can take part in and help with, so please keep checking in.

Your messages and comments are so encouraging and give us an idea of what to put on here, so even a quick HELLO from you is greatly appreciated.
See you soon friend!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Art Journaling

In 2000 our 14 yr old son was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Prior to that I had used my art gift doing commissioned art works in the form of Oil Portraits and Murals. I remember one day leaving the hospital to just drive.  I came back with a sketchpad and various other art supplies. My intention was, "Keep an art journal".
I kept notes on CBSCs, test results, doodles, and other thoughts. It didnt get very far.

After many feeble attempts to keep an art journal, fast forward about a decade, and I get Cathy Johnson's book "Artist's Journal Workshop". It changed everything about my art journaling.

Now I actually have pages to share, and a personal goal to meet.  Our local URBAN SKETCHERS meet once a month, and I intend to go whenever I can.  There are so many groups on facebook, online, and in your area.... look up Urban Sketchers. Check out fb page for Artist's Journal Workshop, look into Flickr groups. 

I have a new friend in Singapore through all of this, and a group of people in my area that I am so excited to get to know better!
Here are a few more sketches.... and get Cathy's book! You can be a beginner who thinks you have no talent, or a professional Artist.... It can add new things to your life.

Blessings, Diana

Question:  How do you stay creative??