Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art, Creativity and Beautiful things!

Coming April 2010 -  I will officially begin this blog!
I have been trying to put in place all things needed for a basic blog ... and all that I am waiting for is a computer that doesnt freeze up and lock solid 3 times a day!!
As my first photo, I chose the one wall of a beautiful master bath that I was honored to paint in.  The statue, the scrollwork and the scene are all part of the mural.

I will also start a blog that will tell Ben's story.  The story of his adoption, attachment issues, his life, his healing, his visions of the heavenly.... and of his passing.

So, two blogs a comin!  Let's watch and see.  I am actually looking to start an ETSY shop at the same time... so much for disability.

Until then....  Hugs and prayers!  Diana

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grief, we are not friends.

Dear Grief,
We have had quite a long run these years.  You have come, and you've gone.  Her and now, however, I say to you "We are not friends."
You are a thief.  You steal good days, precious hours and moments that are not yours.  No more.
In the beginning, you came in all coy and sneaky - secretive.  I was numb then, and didnt even notice you in hiding, waiting to pounce.
It worked back then.  You werent obvious, and I could ignore your pangs of reality - I could pretend you away, laugh you off and turn away from your subtle ways.
    Through the years, you have ambushed me when I thought you were gone.  You would bowl me over and I found myself down and in the puddle of submission; but OH! I rose right to my feet, brushing you off and sending you away so that I could go on without you tripping me up.  But ignoring the wounds that you inflicted only added to the crippling times.
    You and I have tried to come to the civil co-existence - but you are so demanding and overwhelming, while I have gotten tremendously good with ignoring your overtures.
  Then you started sneakily ambushing again, and gently wedging your way in.  I felt the twinge of familiarity and sometimes have mistaken you as an old friend.  So I rested within your embrace, not even realizing it was you.
   Oh, you deceiver.  We cant be friends.  You dont fit with the joy I desire to cling to.  You arent  part of where I am going.  Grief, we cannot be friends.
   You cant barge in here demanding my attention anymore.  I cant continue to entertain you as if you belong.  As if you have a place in my ultimate goal.
   Yes, you have every reason to be here with me.  You earned the right to walk through the door opened in my life.
   But now that you are here, how can I reconcile you with Joy, the one that I want to know so intimately?
   The bible says it is a trade, not a co-existence.  Joy FOR mourning, Beauty FOR Ashes.  No and/or here.
   Is that in the here and now?  Is it after His return?
   For now, I dont miind you stopping by.  Just please dont bother sitting down.  Dont get comfortable or think that you will be welcomed again.  Pass through.  I am keeping new friends now.
   Joy brings Peace and Comfort with her.  Joy invites Fullfillment, Contentment and Beauty.
Grief, we cannot be friends.  Our time is over.  Please take Ashes and Mourning with you, and go.

Friday, March 12, 2010

4 years later....

OK, so that went well!!  Ha!  4 years later, I return to set up a blog and find this one here.  So let it begin.... again.
My biggest deterent is this :  what will this blog be for? 
Share my art and creativity?
Start sharing and writing Ben's story?
Delve into my relationship with Christ and my heart journey to know Him more?
All of the above?

Yes.  I think I will just begin, just start and go from there.  Let's see how this plays out in the days and months ahead.
And so the blog journey begins.... again.   Diana