Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Things Ahead!

We have www.OvercomersArt.com ! This web address will bring browsers to this blog site.

Tim has hired a wonderful photographer (www.bryantCallahan.com) to digitize and update the pieces that he sells over at the etsy site www.etsy.com/shops/OvercomersArt and now, customers will get a much higher quality print of artwork!  Tim also has Bryant preparing several pieces that have never been offered before, so watch for new artwork.

More of the originals pieces of canvas art are going to be offered as well.

I have set a goal so that hopefully I will get off my duff and blogging WILL pick up. That is certainly something I can take part in and help with, so please keep checking in.

Your messages and comments are so encouraging and give us an idea of what to put on here, so even a quick HELLO from you is greatly appreciated.
See you soon friend!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Art Journaling

In 2000 our 14 yr old son was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Prior to that I had used my art gift doing commissioned art works in the form of Oil Portraits and Murals. I remember one day leaving the hospital to just drive.  I came back with a sketchpad and various other art supplies. My intention was, "Keep an art journal".
I kept notes on CBSCs, test results, doodles, and other thoughts. It didnt get very far.

After many feeble attempts to keep an art journal, fast forward about a decade, and I get Cathy Johnson's book "Artist's Journal Workshop". It changed everything about my art journaling.

Now I actually have pages to share, and a personal goal to meet.  Our local URBAN SKETCHERS meet once a month, and I intend to go whenever I can.  There are so many groups on facebook, online, and in your area.... look up Urban Sketchers. Check out fb page for Artist's Journal Workshop, look into Flickr groups. 

I have a new friend in Singapore through all of this, and a group of people in my area that I am so excited to get to know better!
Here are a few more sketches.... and get Cathy's book! You can be a beginner who thinks you have no talent, or a professional Artist.... It can add new things to your life.

Blessings, Diana

Question:  How do you stay creative??

Monday, February 6, 2012

Our ETSY SHOP Goes Live!

It is up and live!
Tim has been selling prints of my artwork for some time now.  He does all of the printing, the packaging, the inventory, and all things that take the time & energy.  BLESS HIM!

He has an Etsy shop called Overcomers Art and has a few items to start out.  He started it in October, but here it is, time to hit the LIVE BUTTON and pray for traffic! 
I am trying to do more to get involved, and it is so fun to hear his excitement in all of this new adventure.

Please take some time to check out our shop and please leave comments and give feedback.

Much love and anticipation in all that the Lord God has ahead for us!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Correct Email for Inquiries!

Tim's correct email is t.downing@ymail.com It is one of Yahoo's new addresses.
Please contact him with any questions or inquiries into Fund Raising possibilities or for ordering Art Prints.
Thank you!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bible Sketching Psalm 139

Psalm 139

This sketch started it all a while back.  What an amazing response from people.  I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for what this scripture speaks to me, but also how profound God's calling is to the value of life as HE has created each individual in the womb.

My husband sells prints of many of my art pieces.  Since I have become disabled, I am not producing art like I used to, but he has taken it all to new levels by starting a business in where he sells prints of the works.

If you are interested in prints of my work, and soon, the work of other Worship Artists and Prophetic Artists, please contact Tim at T.Downing@ymail.com
If you know of any non-profit group looking for a fund raising idea, he has some plans and opportunities to sell the prints and raise funds. 

His Etsy shop will be opening soon! February, so be watching.

Thank you for your prayers of healing, and for the encouraging words you share about the artwork. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS!  I just love hearing from you!