Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Things Ahead!

We have www.OvercomersArt.com ! This web address will bring browsers to this blog site.

Tim has hired a wonderful photographer (www.bryantCallahan.com) to digitize and update the pieces that he sells over at the etsy site www.etsy.com/shops/OvercomersArt and now, customers will get a much higher quality print of artwork!  Tim also has Bryant preparing several pieces that have never been offered before, so watch for new artwork.

More of the originals pieces of canvas art are going to be offered as well.

I have set a goal so that hopefully I will get off my duff and blogging WILL pick up. That is certainly something I can take part in and help with, so please keep checking in.

Your messages and comments are so encouraging and give us an idea of what to put on here, so even a quick HELLO from you is greatly appreciated.
See you soon friend!

1 comment:

Joyce Miller said...

I love your blogs...your wit, your transparency, your honesty!! Keep writing, but especially keep painting!!

Love you, Joyce