Thursday, April 25, 2013

Before I knew you, He Loved You

We are rolling out a new program to bless adoptive families. 
Many times, a child comes into their forever family without any baby pictures to call their own.  Benjie and I used to cut photos out of adoption magazines of cute little Asian baby boys, and he would keep the ones that he imagined he may have looked like.
Recently, my friend Tracie Loux asked if I would be able to use my gifting of painting oil portraits to offer Baby Portraits to adoptive families!  I was ALL IN from the get-go!
Right away I got an inquiry and after receiving several photos of their little girl, I prayerfully asked for insight and revelation into what this precious little dancer looked like, and I painted a picture for them.
This is still IN PROGRESS!!
Here is the offer:
For the first 15 people who order their own portrait, by May 15th, I will donate a portion of the profits to a family currently raising funds for their adoption.
Also, you will receive an 8x10 oil portrait, on canvas, for a reduced rate of $85 (plus $12 shipping).
Please contact us at to inquire. 


reedettes said...

I cannot wait to share this with my dancer girl on her 13th birthday. This is something she has wanted for so many years but never knew was possible. What a blessing you are!

ESolgos said...

I absolutely love this idea! You have a beautiful heart! I hope I can order someday soon!

Unknown said...

Love, Love! And I hope we can do this for my older children someday, but do not have the fund now. we have no baby pictures for 4 of our 8 children! You have a true gift. Thank you for sharing it in this way!