Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Colored Pencil Portraits

Greetings once again!
It seems I have been given an amazing burst of creativity, and have been playing with my colored pencils.
These portraits are some that I have been doing in my sketchbook, and I use Prismacolor Pencils.

Hannah is my beautiful niece who has ever-changing hair color and multiple talents.

 Sarah is my niece as well, and here she is with her fun spider mask. She is a natural beauty with brains and a wonderful spirit!

This is my lovely mom, Dee.  I loved the photo of her, and have wanted to paint it or sketch it for awhile now.  She brings such joy to my life.

Sheilene who stars in Divergent

Theo who also stars in Divergent
I have had a blast doing these and hope that I am able to continue sketching away!  Let me know what you think.... Hugs and prayers, Diana
 Also, Pin the artwork to your Pinterest boards!